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3 Poker Cheats to Look Out for When Playing Live Games

Wherever there is money involved, there will always be people who do sketchy things to acquire it. As a new player, you might encounter poker cheats who aim to take advantage of others.

Most of the time, there’s no need to stress about poker cheats while playing live games. It’s not exactly something very common, however, it is possible and worth being aware of beforehand. As with any betting game, the more you know the better success you’ll have overall.

Poker Cheats – #1 Player’s Colluding

Players colliding with each other is one of the most common poker cheats. It basically involves at least two players working together to beat the other opponents of the game. Typically, this type of cheating takes place at the final tables in tournaments, where each time a player has eliminated the profit of the other.

The main goal of players who are cheating this way is to keep each other at the table. This is obviously a disadvantage to all other players at the table. Moreover, it’s both against the rules and destroys the overall spirit of the game.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to spot and prove when there are colluding players at the table. You can complain to the pit boss if you notice suspicious activity. And you can also do what you can to avoid getting pushed out and play against each other.

#2 Marking Cards

Marking the cards is the most played out and oldest of poker cheats. However, that doesn’t stop some unsavory characters from giving it a try. So, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for this. Especially when playing among strangers at live poker tournaments, but even at home games where players have access to the cards before the game starts.

#3 Signaling Cards

Often, players who are colluding with each other will do things to send a message to their partner about the strength of the hand they have. Or even exactly which cards they are holding, which makes it easier for them to gain an edge over others at the table.

They’ll do this with different signals involving chips, card placements, and other creative methods. Basically, anything that can easily be mistaken for a natural action. This goes against the rules of the game, which state that you should only know your own cards.


Poker cheats exist, but that does not mean that it should ever attempt any of the above. We’re huge poker fans at Fun88 Taiwan and absolutely hate anything that pollutes the spirit of the game. But it goes beyond that. For instance, cheaters never prosper, or if they do it’s only a short time before no one wants them at a table.

Additionally, casinos do not take cheating lightly and it’s the easiest way to get yourself banned. Even online casinos experience players who use shady tactics to win. Therefore, they are becoming increasingly vigilant in protecting players from this type of behavior.

Another way to ensure you never fall prey to the above poker cheats is by playing online. Of course, this may mean that you’ll be dealing with a different set of possible sketchy activities. It’s just less likely to occur when playing at reputable poker sites.

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